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Will You Get a Job by Applying Online?

Will You Get a Job by Applying Online?

Many people are of the belief that they will get a job if they simply apply for hundreds of jobs online. They spend everyday, all day in front of the computer, submitting application after application. They are often surprised, defeated and depressed when they don’t receive one single reply.

Here’s the thing, it is extremely frustrating, in an age when we do everything online. It seems natural to think we will get a job by applying online. But, if you just get over it, accept it and move on, you can learn the way to have more success.

There are a lot of elements that are out of your control when you are searching for a job. One of those is that you have no idea who you are competing against. Many of those, or at least some of those you may be competing against probably already work at the company and have an “in”. This is not to mention the fact that most companies get hundreds of applications for each job they post. Most of the resumes that are submitted look the same.

So, how can you actually get someone to consider you?

1. Did you target your resume?

Even if your resume is very well-organized with a beautiful format and perfect grammar, if you have not actually tailored it for the the specific job you are responding to, the ATS will simply pass you over. This goes for the cover letter as well. It needs to be thoughtful and targeted. No employer really cares about how the position might benefit you.

2. Did you try to contact the hiring manager directly?

This is necessary to get your paperwork out of the pile that it’s sitting in. By following up, you are also letting them know that you are interested. It’s mean to be a gently nudge, a soft reminder that you are hoping to hear back from them and are still available.

3. Are you networking?

Talk to people, reach out to people, connect with people. You never know who knows someone who is looking to hire an employee with the skills you have. It doesn’t hurt to mention your job search to people you don’t know very well. Don’t think of it as annoying, but you also don’t want to be rude or disrespectful in any way.

4. Is there anything you can do for experience right now?

Are you volunteering or pursuing a hobby that you love? Any of your extracurricular activities could make you a distinct candidate. Share what you are learning or doing online. Join group discussions on LinkedIn and show your knowledge firsthand. Guess what? Many of those participating in the group discussions are actually hiring managers!

5. Do you monitor your social media presence?

You may want to Google your name to see what comes up. I bet you any hiring manager is going to do it, so you may as well see what they are going to find. If you see a bunch of political stuff or inappropriate photos, you may want to rethink your privacy settings.

In the end, there are many ways to find a job. It seems like I’ve always landed a job based on timing and being at the right place at the right time. When I have tried to force it, I haven’t been very lucky. There is something to be said about the stars being aligned. Still, planting seeds and making your job search personal, it going to be 100% more effective then sitting behind your computer.