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What Happens After the Interview?

What Happens After the Interview?

If you have ever interviewed for a job, you know that you often don’t hear the results right away. Even if you follow up, you still may not hear back from them. Of course, it is recommended that you DO follow up, but is there a way to follow up that will increase your chances of being selected?

Any old follow up “thank you” note will serve to let the hiring manager know that you are still interested, but what if you take the opportunity to go one step further?

What if you spent some time investigating or reflecting on a problem that the company is faced with? Perhaps the hiring manager revealed a challenge, or perhaps you uncovered something during your interview? If you could think of a way to help them solve the problem, why not mention it in the follow up? You could say something like this:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I wanted to follow up with you about the position I interviewed for last week. It was a pleasure to meet you and your team. After reflecting further on some of the challenges you mentioned you are facing, I had some ideas I would love to run by you on how to meet and overcome those challenges. Please feel free to give me a call any afternoon this week. I am looking forward to exploring how I might be able to help you.



Not only will you peek their interest, but you are also reminding them about your candidacy. The fact that you can hit the ground running, could ultimately boost your appeal. This is a great way to use the opportunity to go beyond the follow up and show why you would be the best choice for the position.