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A General Purpose Federal Resume?

A General Purpose Federal Resume? One of the most common requests from clients is for me to compose a one-size-fits-all federal resume for them. While this may seem like a great option, in the end it will ruin your job search. Here are some thoughts to ponder […]

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Federal Jobs Application Process Updates

Federal Jobs Application Process Updates USAJobs.gov has updated its site recently. As new features roll out, the site will be experiencing a comprehensive redesign that OPM is hoping, will transform USAJobs into a more user-friendly website. OPM has surveyed job seekers from all over the U.S., governmental […]

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USAJobs Gets an Update

USAJobs Gets an Update Recently, there was an article in the Washington Post about the updates USAJobs has implemented in the past couple of months. Apparently USAJobs users have been complaining about the website for a long time. Imagine that! Six years ago then-OPM Director John Berry […]

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Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend

Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend It’s time to get over it! Move on! Just do it already! When I’m working with a client to develop their federal resume, I don’t offer any alternative. I purposely build the resume with all of the elements that are required […]

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USAJobs Resume Builder Character Limitations

USAJobs Resume Builder Character Limitations On November 8, 2011, a Federal Hiring Reform was implemented. This reform included a directive for HR to “eliminate all requirements of separate narratives from initial applications.” This was a huge relief to every federal job seeker as a separate narrative for […]

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Write a Winning USAJobs Resume

Write a Winning USAJobs Resume. You probably know, most federal positions require you to use the USAJOBS resume builder or at least follow the exact same requirements found on the builder. Follow these best practices to ensure you will write a winning USAJobs resume: (1) Pick a […]

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2015 Federal Resume Applicants

2015 Federal Resume Applicants Whether you are applying for your first Federal job, have filled out Federal applications in the past, or looking to leave the private sector it is worthwhile becoming familiar with the 2015 Federal resume format prior to filling it out. Patience is key […]

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USAJobs Resume Builder Details

USAJobs Resume Builder Details When someone contacts me for federal resume information, one of the first questions I ask is whether or not they have used the resume builder. Many people think they can simply submit their commercial resume for a federal vacancy announcement. This is not […]

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Is the Federal Hiring System a Hoax?

Is the Federal Hiring System a Hoax? This is the question raised in this Washington Post article. According to the Merit Systems Protection Board, 79% of federal human resources staff reported that management had a specific candidate in mind “at least some of the time”. This in […]

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2015 Federal Job Applicants

2015 Federal Job Applicants Are you planning to apply for a federal job in 2015? If so, you’re going to love this article from Federal Times. “Hiring Spree: Agencies adding 72,000 employees in 2015” is the title of the article. If that isn’t good news in itself, […]

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