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The 2016 Resume

The 2016 Resume: How to Set Yourself Apart

We have always been told that our resume needs to stand out, but these days attention spans are increasingly shorter. Studies by TheLadders found that hiring managers spend only six second looking at each resume, and that is only if a human being actually looks at your resume at all. Typically, a resume has to make it past and automated applicant tracking system.

Here are some valuable tips to create a successful resume for 2016:

1. Upgrade your contact info.
Go ahead and hyperlink your email address, LinkedIn profile, and any other appropriate social media accounts. This makes it easier and faster for recruiters to find you. Another tip is to cut out your street address and just leave city and state.

2. Get Fancy.
You can feel free to really get creative with your design, but be careful. Someone in a creative field has a bit more  leeway than the more conservative positions. Using color might be one way you can make your resume stand out. Rather than using bright colors, stick with more subdued blues or dark colors for the headlines, but mainly using black for the rest. You can also experiment with a new font.  Cambria, Calibri, or Georgia, are mostly compatible between different operating systems.

3. You’re not still using an objective statement…
In today’s hiring environment, managers are not concerned with what applicants are looking for, they want to find a good fit. Therefore, it’s best to lead with a summary or professional synopsis to describe who you are, what you have done, and your achievements that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

4. Make it easy to read.
The Internet has changed reading behavior, says Kursmark: “People don’t read top to bottom anymore. They’re constantly skimming and looking at different parts of the page, and if you don’t structure your resume to appeal to that, a lot of good material will get overlooked.” Therefore, use bolded text to ensure your achievements stand out.

5. Conquer ATS.
Most companies are using applicant tracking software to scan resumes for keywords and phrases. If your resume is missing those terms, you will not be considered any further. You need to incorporate the correct words into your resume in order to get past ATS. In order to do this, you will need to mirror the language of the job posting.

6. Leave off the huge bucket of skills.
It’s more effective to incorporate evidence of your skills into the resume, rather than to just list the appropriate terminology. Show, don’t tell. However, if the position is highly technical, such as an IT position, you may benefit from listing specific qualifications.

7. Don’t waste space.
While you don’t have to limit yourself to one page, there are definitely ways to conserve space to be more concise. Use the space if you need it, but remember not to waste the time of your reader. Stay focused on what is relevant and use the space you need to qualify yourself.