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USAJobs Resume Builder Character Limitations

USAJobs Resume Builder Character Limitations On November 8, 2011, a Federal Hiring Reform was implemented. This reform included a directive for HR to “eliminate all requirements of separate narratives from initial applications.” This was a huge relief to every federal job seeker as a separate narrative for […]

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To Use Resume Builder or To Upload

To Use Resume Builder or To Upload That is the question for any federal job seeker. USAJobs provides the option to upload your Word resume or to create a resume in their resume builder. I always recommend using the builder. Yes, it’s true, your Word version is […]

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Military to Federal Resume Sample

Here you will find a Military to Federal Resume Sample. Will asked me for help professional resume assistance as he was retiring from active duty. He was interested in a Federal job but wasn’t sure he wanted to rule out a civilian opportunity if it came to […]

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USAJobs and the Occupational Questionnaire

USAJobs.gov and the Occupational Questionnaire If you are planning on applying for a Federal job, you are going to get very friendly with USAjobs.gov. Most Federal jobs are posted on USAjobs.gov with the exception of a few agencies which have their own job boards. If there is […]

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