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Attention-Grabbing Resumes

Attention-Grabbing Resumes. How can you get an employer to read your resume for longer than three seconds? A good place to start is to avoid overused, common phrases and words when describing your experiences. When an employer reads the same descriptions about every potential employee, it rarely […]

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Military to Civilian Resume Sample

Military to Civilian Resume Sample For transitioning military personnel, whether enlisted or officer, a carefully written resume is essential to future job success.  Regardless of rank, every soldier, sailor and marine acquires skills in the military that are highly desirable to civilian companies and corporations.  However, the […]

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Curriculum Vitae or Resume?

If you’re wondering whether you should have a curriculum vitae or a resume, it’s really quite simple. Curriculum vitae’s are traditionally reserved for those in the medical profession, such as doctors or surgeons, or those in academia, such as professors or researchers. A curriculum vitae will include […]

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Military Transition Resume

A Military Transition Resume might be intimidating at first, but it is a necessary step in the process of changing careers. Transitioning from Active Duty can be a bittersweet experience. While it’s great to have more personal freedoms, the pressure of having to figure out all of […]

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