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Should You Use a Functional Resume?

Should You Use a Functional Resume? While the functional resume seemed great for covering up dates that were less than impressive, no resume writer ever really wanted to recommend someone use the functional resume. There are strategies one can use to make a functional resume quite engaging […]

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Military to Civilian Resume Sample

Military to Civilian Resume Sample For transitioning military personnel, whether enlisted or officer, a carefully written resume is essential to future job success.  Regardless of rank, every soldier, sailor and marine acquires skills in the military that are highly desirable to civilian companies and corporations.  However, the […]

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Resume Strategy

Resume Strategy Developing a resume strategy is not as hard as you think, but it’s something I often see overlooked. Putting in the time to really think about what information is in your resume and how it is presented will make a huge difference in the way […]

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A resume is a tool that allows you to market yourself. It gives someone an idea of what you have accomplished in your career, what skills you have gained, and hopefully makes them want to call you for an interview. If it is difficult to read or […]

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