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Does Your Internet Reputation Matter to Employers?

Does Your Internet Reputation Matter to Employers? https://jobs.washingtonpost.com/article/does-your-internet-reputation-matter-to-employers-/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jobs%20B2C%20February%2024%20Newsletter&utm_term=jobs Over the past two decades the Internet has grown to house an incredible amount of data. All you do is plug in a name, location and other known details into a search box and a wealth of information is […]

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7 Tips to Revamp Your Job Search for 2014

http://mashable.com/2013/12/21/job-search-tips-2/ Experts foresee the job market being more competitive than ever in 2014. With 10.9 million Americans unemployed, it is important to take a fresh look at your job search strategy. Now is the perfect time to develop an effective plan for success. How can you set […]

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Is your online presence killing your job prospects?

If you want to get a job–or keep one–listen up. Ninety-two percent of US companies screen potential employees through social media, and according to a survey we just did of over five hundred 2013 graduates, most people aren’t doing much to clean up their web presences. Your […]

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7 Personal Branding Trends for Job Search

1. Headshots Everywhere Do you have a professional headshot? People want to connect a face with a name. We have come to expect a photo alongside a blog post, Facebook profile and online article. People are less likely to click on a photo-less LinkedIn profile; and they’re […]

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25 Things that Make You Look Dumb on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of those social networks you may feel a bit unsure about. You might even be asking yourself, “How can this site help me grow my small business?” LinkedIn is recognized as the professional social network. It’s a place where people in all industries can […]

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More companies hiring temporary workers

From Walmart (NYSE: WMT) to General Motors (NYSE: GM) to PepsiCo. (NYSE: PEP), companies are increasingly turning to temporary workers, reports The Associated Press. These temporary workers – which include freelancers, contract workers and consultants – represent nearly 17 million people who have only thin ties to […]

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