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Write a Winning USAJobs Resume

Write a Winning USAJobs Resume. You probably know, most federal positions require you to use the USAJOBS resume builder or at least follow the exact same requirements found on the builder. Follow these best practices to ensure you will write a winning USAJobs resume: (1) Pick a […]

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2015 Federal Resume Applicants

2015 Federal Resume Applicants Whether you are applying for your first Federal job, have filled out Federal applications in the past, or looking to leave the private sector it is worthwhile becoming familiar with the 2015 Federal resume format prior to filling it out. Patience is key […]

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Why Can’t You Land a Federal Interview?

Why Can’t You Land a Federal Interview? Many clients contact me because they have had very little luck in applying for federal jobs. They tell me they have applied to more than 50 jobs and have yet to receive a “best qualified” on their application package. They […]

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