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Resume Trends for 2016

Resume Trends for 2016

As technology changes, and the pace of our society increases, so too must our resumes be amended to meet the needs of hiring managers in the modern day.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan résumés for keywords and phrases are becoming more sophisticated, requiring applicants to be conscious about the vocabulary and terminology they choose to use. Applicants must have a document that catches the eyes of both robots, and hiring managers.

Let’s find out what’s new for 2016.


Use Visuals

Using graphs and screenshots that demonstrate the impact of your accomplishments is a great way to enhance your resume. The problem is, ATS may have difficulty reading the data places inside text boxes or images. Just to be safe, make sure you use relevant keywords in the text portion of your résumé.

Get Creative

It’s not over-the-top to add a little color to your resume these days. A simple blue border or subtel shading to select portions of your resume would be totally acceptable. Just be careful not to get carried away, and stick to the traditional black for the majority of the text.

Make it Quick

Since hiring managers have very little time, you must prepare for their ultra-short attention spans by making your text concise and clean. If you have more than five lines of bullets or paragraph, it’s too much. Three to five lines or bullet points will have to be enough to describe duties and accomplishments.

For accomplishment bullets, first explain your results, and then go into how you got those results. Keep it interesting, keep them engaged.

Keywords and Phrases

ATS not only looks for the vocabulary these days, but also maintains awareness of context. ATS can measure how many times certain keywords have been used. It’s important to provide context for the keywords by incorporating those skills into strong accomplishment write-ups.

Hybrid Format

A mixture of chronological and functional resumes is called a Hybrid. These tend to be popular these days for anyone with a significant career history.  With a functional breakdown at the very beginning, it allows customization to note your awards and achievements immediately. Still employers like to see a chronological breakdown as well, and this format allows the best of both worlds.


Consider chucking these from your application:

Vintage Fonts

While Times New Roman typeface is fine and can still be used, it’s best to choose another font such as Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma or Cambria.

Endless Lists

It’s time to eliminate outdated technologies from your résumé, and use subheadings to organize your lists. Separate technical skills into categories and always list the most important ones first.