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Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend

Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend It’s time to get over it! Move on! Just do it already! When I’m working with a client to develop their federal resume, I don’t offer any alternative. I purposely build the resume with all of the elements that are required […]

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Translate Your Military Skills

Translate Your Military Skills It’s not always easy to translate what you have done in the military for civilian folks to understand. In some cases, it may not be necessary. For example, if you are applying for a position with a government contractor, it’s possible they want […]

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Attention-Grabbing Resumes

Attention-Grabbing Resumes. How can you get an employer to read your resume for longer than three seconds? A good place to start is to avoid overused, common phrases and words when describing your experiences. When an employer reads the same descriptions about every potential employee, it rarely […]

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Write a Winning USAJobs Resume

Write a Winning USAJobs Resume. You probably know, most federal positions require you to use the USAJOBS resume builder or at least follow the exact same requirements found on the builder. Follow these best practices to ensure you will write a winning USAJobs resume: (1) Pick a […]

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2015 Federal Resume Applicants

2015 Federal Resume Applicants Whether you are applying for your first Federal job, have filled out Federal applications in the past, or looking to leave the private sector it is worthwhile becoming familiar with the 2015 Federal resume format prior to filling it out. Patience is key […]

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Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe?

Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe? Most of you have probably heard about applicant tracking systems, but some of you may be wondering what I’m talking about. Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS are computer programs used by human resources offices to scan resumes and other documents […]

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What Makes an Effective Federal Resume?

What Makes an Effective Federal Resume? If you have ever applied for a federal job, you know that the process is tedious and extremely competitive. A resume is only one small piece of the process, but it is important. The government application process is unique. Nothing about […]

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The Secret to Good KSA’s

The Secret to Good KSA’s KSAs, otherwise known as Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, are usually dreaded by every federal applicant. It’s basically a series of qualifying statements that used to require page-long narratives included with a resume for a federal application. While a separate narrative is no […]

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Will Your Federal Resume Land You an Interview?

Will Your Federal Resume Land You an Interview? It is estimated that more than 50,000 federal jobs and 60,000 paid internships will be opening in the next year. If this is true, there will be a lot of opportunity to break into the federal sector. While most […]

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How To Target Your USAJobs Federal Resume

How To Target Your USAJobs Federal Resume The federal government, much like the civilian sector, uses application tracking systems to scan resumes and ease the burden of resume reviews for the human resources department. These ATS require applicants to be more vigilant in selecting the terms and […]

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