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What is Different About the Modern Resume?

What is Different About the Modern Resume? The current job market is highly competitive. You must work harder than ever to stand out from the competition. There is no room for mediocre efforts. Your resume must be succinct, attractive, and keyword rich. Following are the two biggest […]

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Top 5 Things Recruiters Look for in Potential Candidates

Top 5 Things Recruiters Look for in Potential Candidates If you’re like most job candidates, you have submitted scores of job applications, sent in hundreds of resumes, and emailed or messaged many a recruiter. After a while, you start to feel frustrated when you receive zip, zero, […]

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How Much Should I Pay for a Resume?

How Much Should I Pay for a Resume? It is always nice to find a bargain! There is no denying how satisfying it can feel to receive something at a discounted price. Still, when it comes to your professional reputation, can you afford to scrimp? When you […]

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Resumes for New Graduates

RESUMES FOR NEW GRADUATES I remember when I graduated from college more than ten years ago. It was a scary time. I had student loans and no idea what kind of job I was going to get or even how to go about applying for one. Even […]

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What Should You Include on Your Resume

WHAT SHOULD YOU INCLUDE ON YOUR RESUME? You have acquired a lot of skills and abilities from your education, work experience, and life in general. After all of the work and time you have invested in yourself, you need to be sure to reflect this on your […]

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Resume Trends for 2016

Resume Trends for 2016 As technology changes, and the pace of our society increases, so too must our resumes be amended to meet the needs of hiring managers in the modern day. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan résumés for keywords and phrases are becoming more sophisticated, […]

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The 2016 Resume

The 2016 Resume: How to Set Yourself Apart We have always been told that our resume needs to stand out, but these days attention spans are increasingly shorter. Studies by TheLadders found that hiring managers spend only six second looking at each resume, and that is only […]

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Should I Use a Microsoft Template to Create My Resume?

Should I Use a Microsoft Template to Create My Resume? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to review resumes, you’ll know that a template resume can be spotted a mile away. When I work with individuals at a job fair, providing resume critiques, I can always tell […]

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7 Common Resume Mistakes

7 Common Resume Mistakes http://www.inc.com/peter-economy/7-resume-mistakes-that-make-you-look-really-unprofessional.html?cid=sf01001&sr_share=twitter If you’re like most job applicants, you’ve spent time scratching your head about applications you submitted only to hear nothing back. Most likely there was something about your resume that was unappealing to big recruiters, something that you didn’t even realize could […]

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Should You Use a Functional Resume?

Should You Use a Functional Resume? While the functional resume seemed great for covering up dates that were less than impressive, no resume writer ever really wanted to recommend someone use the functional resume. There are strategies one can use to make a functional resume quite engaging […]

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