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Resume Samples

Should I Use a Microsoft Template to Create My Resume?

Should I Use a Microsoft Template to Create My Resume? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to review resumes, you’ll know that a template resume can be spotted a mile away. When I work with individuals at a job fair, providing resume critiques, I can always tell […]

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Federal Resume Sample For Education Series-1701

Federal Resume Sample for Education Series-1701 This Federal Resume Sample highlights the achievements of a persons career while focusing on the valid and relevant keywords needed for the Federal hiring process. Unlike civilian resumes, Federal Resumes are usually 5 – 7 pages in length and chronologically documents […]

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Public Relations And Marketing Resume Sample

This is the finished version (with names and employers changed) of a resume (with cover letter) that was written for a multifaceted individual with over a decade of experience in Public Relations, Public Affairs, Marketing, and Project Management.  Her experience is encapsulated into the resume in a […]

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Resume Examples

Resume Examples When you are preparing to write your resume, it’s important to have Resume Examples to give you some inspiration. There are many places you can look to find really great quality resume examples. You can look at my website if you would like to see […]

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Military to Federal Resume Sample

Here you will find a Military to Federal Resume Sample. Will asked me for help professional resume assistance as he was retiring from active duty. He was interested in a Federal job but wasn’t sure he wanted to rule out a civilian opportunity if it came to […]

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Non Profit Arts Management Sample Resume

This is a Non-Profit Arts Management Sample Resume. Anne approached me with a poorly written resume that she didn’t think represented her skills and qualifications well.  She admitted she didn’t know how to write a resume. She shared her frustration that she wasn’t getting the interviews for […]

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