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Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional Resume Writing Service

 If you have ever Googled, “Professional Resume Writing Services” you probably got a glimpse into how different these services can be. It can be very challenging to decipher which services are going to offer the kind of assistance you need. I can offer a few tips to help you narrow down the kind of service that will be most beneficial and worth your investment.

Resume Mills

There are some places that offer super low prices for resume writing. You really want to be careful about this because while it’s nice to save money, a quality resume needs time and a certain level of expertise to compose. If you are being offered a resume for $50 to $100, you may be dealing with one of these places.

Free Critiques

You should also be wary of a place that gives you a free critique. If it looks like someone just filled in a template with your name, look out. My husband paid for job search assistance at a large service provider and the first thing they did was tear apart his resume. I knew he had a great resume so when I read their critique I had to chuckle. What really amazed me was that two clients in the following months joined the same service and they also received resume critiques. Their critiques were almost exact replicas of my husband’s. This service can make more money if they get you to buy a new resume from them.

Not Who They Appear To Be

Many resume writing services are run by a professional resume writer, but that person never actually writes a word. They subcontract the work. This is not always a bad model, but you want to be sure that the actual writer’s credentials are as good as the business owners. You can ask who is actually writing this resume.


When you’re looking for a good writer, it’s important to know which credentials to look for. The Certified Professional Resume Writer credential is the most common and it’s by far the easiest to achieve. On the other hand, the Academy Certified Resume Writer credential involved a much more complicated set of requirements. The Nationally Certified Resume Writer is another credential that is quite intimidating to complete.


Another thing you can look for is their membership associations. What organizations are they connected to? Are they reputable organizations? Do they offer professional development? Is the resume writer continuing to improve their skills and keep up with current trends?

These are just a few things to keep in mind when trying to find the perfect fit for you in a professional resume writing service. The most significant thing about the services I offer is that I am the only one involved in my business. I answer inquiries. I conduct client interviews. I do all of the writing and I also do all of the editing to ensure my clients are satisfied. Since it’s my little business, I am sincerely invested in the product that I offer as it reflects me as a person, as a resume writer, and as a business owner.