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Civilian Resume

Civilian Resume (private industry vs. federal):

Don’t let the word civilian confuse you. It’s simply a way to distinguish these resume s from federal resume s. Basically anything other than a federal resume is considered civilian. These resume s can be used for a contractor position with the government, but not to apply for a federal job.

Frequent questions I hear are: Should I keep my resume to one page? How far should I go back? What are these companies looking for? How can I represent myself best on paper? If you are asking these questions, it might be time to call for some back up. From college graduate to seasoned professional, your resume is a living document reflecting your specific skills, experience, and, education. Using an outdated resume qualifies you for jobs that are beneath you, harming your career progression. Investing in a high quality, professionally prepared résumé by someone who has obtained multiple résumé industry certifications is investing in your career.


  1. I do my resume and it looks like blah

    • Natalie,
      You can get tons of ideas for creative and professional formatting from any of the resources you find at the library. The “EXPERT resume” series are a wonderful place to get ideas. Let me know if I can help.

  2. I would like to change my career. I am interested in getting a resume and cover letter

    • Carlitha,
      I will contact you off-line to find out more about your resume and cover letter needs.
      Thank you!

  3. I could really use some help with my resume. I thought MINE WAS pretty good, but i haven’t had any calls.

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Feel free to send your resume to my email address. I will look it over and provide some feedback.

  4. Hello, I am a psychologist looking to work for the VA. I have had little luck. My resume or cover letter or something is not right. I hear the VA will be taking on more psychologists soon and I would like to take advantage of this. Could you help me find direction? CL

    • Hi! Thanks for contacting me! Please feel free to send your resume for review! I would love to help you apply to the VA! I’m looking forward to working with you!

  5. Need my resume revamped ASAP.

    • Dana,
      I will contact you by email. If the timing is right, I can offer expedited services. Typically my turnaround is ten business days.

  6. I have just moved to the area, and I need help switching careers and improving my resume.

    • Hi Sarah! I would be happy to help. I will contact you privately off-line.

  7. I am looking to rewrite my resume. I have been in telecommunications for 30+ years and now I am looking to change my career avenue and restructuring my resume’ or at least improve it .

    Your help would greatly be appraciated.

    • Diana, Thank you for your comment! I would be happy to assist. I will contact you offline. Tina

  8. Need a resume makeover. Sent you an email explaining my situation and I hope to here from you soon.

    • Loria, Thank you for contacting me! I hope we are able to collaborate. Best regards, Tina

  9. I would like to re-enter the work force, but I need a resume re-work

    • Anita, I would love to help you! I have contacted you offline. Tina

  10. I need help with my resume.

    • Anita, I have contacted you offline. Thank you! Tina

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