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How Much Should I Pay for a Resume?

How Much Should I Pay for a Resume?

It is always nice to find a bargain! There is no denying how satisfying it can feel to receive something at a discounted price. Still, when it comes to your professional reputation, can you afford to scrimp?

When you hire someone to assist you with your professional documents, including resumes, cover letter, biographical sketch, or LinkedIn profile, you had better do your homework. Hiring someone who lacks qualification or experience can negatively impact your career! When there is so much at stake, why not invest in yourself? Hire someone with the right certifications.

I have a client who has hired me to write his federal resume. He hired another company to write his civilian resume. He sent the finished resume to me and it is rife with inconsistent grammar, nonsensical sentence composition, and worst of all misspellings! Now, I know we all make mistakes. I certainly do. I’m not saying the best resume writer is free from error. However, I know my client hired one of the companies with a Google Ad that comes to the front of your search when you type in “resume writer”. You have to ask yourself about a company that purchases Google Ad’s. You also have to stop and question when they offer to write your resume for less than $200!

You have heard the saying, “you pay for what you get”? Well, that is definitely the case with resumes. The less you pay, the more likely you are to receive something that is sub-par. I am just amazed at how terrible my client’s resume is. I hate to tell him since I know he really didn’t know any better. That is what inspired me to write this post.

Please do your research! If you don’t know who your writer is going to be, or you don’t have a chance to speak with them yourself, please consider going elsewhere. There are so many places now who hire contract writers. When you see a prominent company show up on Google, it probably means they get a lot of “hits”, too many “hits” for one writer to respond to. So, they hire writers, and pay them a small salary to do the writing. The actual writers may have no certifications what-so-ever.

I’m not saying all of the big companies are bad, but you definitely need to do some research so you don’t end up like my client with an amazing federal resume and a totally crappy civilian sector resume.

My fees start at $350 for a civilian resume. That is the lowest fee I offer, and it’s reserved for college graduates or job seekers without a long career history. My fees increase to $1000 for someone who has 20+ years in a technical or high-level management career. Some of my colleagues charge up to $3000 for executive resumes. When you want the best, it’s NOT cheap. But, seriously, don’t you deserve the best? Aren’t you worth the investment?