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Military to Federal Resume Sample

Here you will find a Military to Federal Resume Sample. Will asked me for help professional resume assistance as he was retiring from active duty. He was interested in a Federal job but wasn’t sure he wanted to rule out a civilian opportunity if it came to him. We ended up writing both a Federal and Civilian Resume. Here is the Military to Federal Resume we developed. As you can see it is almost five pages long. This is not a problem for the Federal system. We tried to include all of his duties as well as his accomplishments. After we had this general write up with just about everything he ever did, I taught him how to target this Federal resume for each job announcement he decided to apply for. He was able to secure a Federal job. His initial offer was at a lower level then he would have liked, but as a result was able to network his way into another, higher level federal position at the exact location he had wanted.

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Military Resume Sample

Federal USAJobs Resume Sample