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Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend

Make USAJobs Resume Builder Your Friend

It’s time to get over it! Move on! Just do it already!

When I’m working with a client to develop their federal resume, I don’t offer any alternative. I purposely build the resume with all of the elements that are required on the resume builder. After we are done perfecting the resume and targeting it for the position the client wants to apply for, I walk them through, step by step, as they copy and paste the resume information into the resume builder in USAJobs.

Often, clients try to use commercial or private industry formatted resumes to apply for federal jobs by uploading the resume into their profile. Then they contact me wondering why they have never been referred for an interview. A two-page, private industry resume with attractive formatting and bulleted accomplishments WILL NOT cut it for a federal application!

Here are the problems I see most often:

  • Skipping essential information such as month/year, supervisor’s contact information, or addresses can be very problematic. This is not the place to skimp on details.
  • A functional resume, or a custom-designed resume with fancy formatting will only work against you. You must start with most recent position and move backwards.
  • Leaving off training, certifications, and references is easy to do if you don’t use the resume builder. One of it’s major benefits is that it prompts you to provide all of that information.

Since the federal human resource officers prefer resume builder resumes, it’s ridiculous not to use it. I prefer to build the resume in a Word document and then copy and paste all of the information into the builder. This way, I can still work in Word to make my federal resume attractively formatted AND be sure that it includes all of the required information. This is handy to have if you are attending a job fair and need a federal resume on hand.

Have I convinced you? It’s time to give in, stop resisting. USE THE BUILDER for goodness sake!