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Job Search Tips

Resume Contact Information

Resume Contact Information This may seem obvious to you, but the contact information you use on your resume is pretty important. Even though it’s usually standard information, a little thought can go a long way. The last thing you want is an employer throwing your resume in […]

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How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

How TO: Find Recruiters on LinkedIn Are you looking for a job on LinkedIn? Here is how to easily find recruiters on the site, supplied by AvidCareerist.com. See on theundercoverrecruiter.com

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How to Work a Job Fair

  There are some very simple ways you can prepare for a job fair. If you have ever attended a job fair, you know there are often long lines at each booth. Most likely the longest line will be at the employer you were most interested in. […]

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9 Guerrilla Job Hunting Tactics to Land Your Dream Job

by Kazim Ladimeji A small minority of candidates engage in what I loosely term ‘Guerrilla Job-Hunting Tactics’. What do I mean by this? I mean that there are 26,000,000 job job seekers in America at the moment, and probably about 25,740,000 are using standard job seeking tactics […]

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Federal Jobs For the Young and Educated

If you are still in school or have recently graduated, you may be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to work for the federal government — especially if you are a young and educated military spouse, partner or Milso. Even though cuts due to sequestration are currently […]

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LinkedIn Tips

Are you someone who is on LinkedIn but not really sure what to do with it? Maybe you see competitors on LinkedIn doing well and wonder to yourself “How do they get so many connections, etc”. Often I hear my clients state that they are simply paralyzed […]

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Five Ways to Boost Brand on LinkedIn

Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand On LinkedIn Brad Mauney, July 29, 2013 Did you know that an average of 45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn? Your LinkedIn profile can be your ticket to a variety of new professional opportunities like partnerships, […]

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Four Strategies for Your Job Search Networking

  Various studies have found that 45% to 70% of job seekers got their jobs through networking. More recently, a survey by Lou Adler discovered that 60% of the job seekers he surveyed found their jobs through networking. In a recent article titled Hire Economics: Why Applying […]

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More companies hiring temporary workers

From Walmart (NYSE: WMT) to General Motors (NYSE: GM) to PepsiCo. (NYSE: PEP), companies are increasingly turning to temporary workers, reports The Associated Press. These temporary workers – which include freelancers, contract workers and consultants – represent nearly 17 million people who have only thin ties to […]

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10 Ways The Job Search Has Changed

Job searching has changed dramatically over the past few years. If you want to succeed, you’ll have to take a much different approach than you did previously. Here are 10 things today’s job hunters need to know: 1. Google has replaced the resume. Recruiters are now using […]

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