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Translate Your Military Skills

Translate Your Military Skills It’s not always easy to translate what you have done in the military for civilian folks to understand. In some cases, it may not be necessary. For example, if you are applying for a position with a government contractor, it’s possible they want […]

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Attention-Grabbing Resumes

Attention-Grabbing Resumes. How can you get an employer to read your resume for longer than three seconds? A good place to start is to avoid overused, common phrases and words when describing your experiences. When an employer reads the same descriptions about every potential employee, it rarely […]

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Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe?

Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe? Most of you have probably heard about applicant tracking systems, but some of you may be wondering what I’m talking about. Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS are computer programs used by human resources offices to scan resumes and other documents […]

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I Hired a Resume Writer, Now What?

I Hired a Resume Writer, Now What? Having worked with many different clients over the years, one thing I have noticed is that most clients have no idea what to expect when they hire a resume writer. Since it can be rather ambiguous, I thought I would […]

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Resume Templates

Resume Templates You may be tempted to use a resume template from Microsoft Word or another source, but I strongly urge you to avoid that. I can almost always tell when someone has used a template. Here are some reasons why I would recommend you stay away […]

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Where Do You Find Keywords To Use In Your Resume?

Where Do You Find Keywords To Use In Your Resume? Keywords are nothing new. My clients often ask me about keywords as if there is some unknown group of HR Managers who secretly devise to trick job seekers by eliminating applicants who, although qualified, are missing the […]

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Objective Statements Are Old-Fashioned

Objective Statements Are Old-Fashioned Mainly I dislike the objective statement because I have seldom seen anyone use it properly. If you know specifically which job you are applying for, then it could be acceptable to formulate an objective statement targeted toward that exact job. Here’s an example: […]

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What is the Proper Length of a Federal or Civilian Resume?

What is the Proper Length of a Federal or Civilian Resume? This is a very common question. I get asked this question everyday by senior executive’s to office assistants. Most people will tell me they had it drilled into their heads in high school that a resume […]

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Military to Civilian Resume Sample

Military to Civilian Resume Sample For transitioning military personnel, whether enlisted or officer, a carefully written resume is essential to future job success.  Regardless of rank, every soldier, sailor and marine acquires skills in the military that are highly desirable to civilian companies and corporations.  However, the […]

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Public Relations And Marketing Resume Sample

This is the finished version (with names and employers changed) of a resume (with cover letter) that was written for a multifaceted individual with over a decade of experience in Public Relations, Public Affairs, Marketing, and Project Management.  Her experience is encapsulated into the resume in a […]

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