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Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe?

Applicant Tracking Systems, Your Friend or Foe? Most of you have probably heard about applicant tracking systems, but some of you may be wondering what I’m talking about. Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS are computer programs used by human resources offices to scan resumes and other documents […]

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5 Common Mistakes Job Hunters Make

5 Common Mistakes Job Hunters Make It’s clear that our job market is improving, but why are so many job seekers still struggling? One recruiting firm said it is  “due to the way candidates present themselves, and how they perform during interviews.” Hundreds of North American headhunters […]

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Managing Your Federal Job Search Campaign

Karol Taylor shares some great insight: Can you think of ways you might conduct a campaign – any kind of campaign? Three styles immediately come to mind: political, advertising, and fundraising. Your federal job search can be understood this way: In a political campaign, someone is selected […]

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11 Mistakes During Your Federal Job Search

Avoid these 11 mistakes during your federal job search ST. PAUL, Minn. — Federal job seekers often are frustrated with, overwhelmed by or puzzled over the complex federal hiring process. In their new book, Find Your Federal Job Fit, authors Janet M. Ruck and Karol Taylor explain […]

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Your Federal Career

Your Federal Career Decision Making – Strategies for Success By Karol Taylor Karol Taylor is a retired fed and Career Counselor who helps people get federal jobs.  She is the coauthor of Guide to America’s Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of U.S. Government Career Opportunities, 4th. Ed. Karol can be reached […]

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Why Can’t You Land a Federal Interview?

Why Can’t You Land a Federal Interview? Many clients contact me because they have had very little luck in applying for federal jobs. They tell me they have applied to more than 50 jobs and have yet to receive a “best qualified” on their application package. They […]

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Is Your Employer Watching Your LinkedIn Profile?

Is Your Employer Watching Your LinkedIn Profile? So, you understand how important LinkedIn is for professional networking and job search. You have researched enough to know the value offered and now you are ready to optimize your profile. But, as you click on “edit” and begin to […]

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5 Tips for Transitioning Military

5 Tips for Transitioning Military Many prior military clients say the same thing, “TAP class never prepared me for what I’m going through now.” They are shocked at how difficult searching for a job can be. They are frustrated by the lack of information they were given […]

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Break Into the Federal Workforce With NAF

Break Into the Federal Workforce With NAF To read this article on Military.com, click here. While federal hiring is often slow and sometimes even frozen because of budget constraints, there is one source of federal hiring that remains quite consistent — NAF employment. Non-appropriated funds (NAF) employment […]

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Job Search Success

Job Search Success isn’t automatic. Even if you have the basics, a resume, a nice suit and a collection of accomplishment-based interview responses, you still may be missing some essential pieces. A Clear Target A lot of people I have worked with seem to reach this point […]

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