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Attention-Grabbing Resumes

Attention-Grabbing Resumes.

How can you get an employer to read your resume for longer than three seconds? A good place to start is to avoid overused, common phrases and words when describing your experiences. When an employer reads the same descriptions about every potential employee, it rarely makes a positive impression. If you say nothing interesting or unique about yourself or the skills you have to offer, you will not warrant a second look.

Attention Grabbing Resumes

Attention Grabbing Resumes

Everyone is unique, with unique skill sets to offer. If you want to get called in for an interview, you’ll need to know which phrases to avoid at all costs. Below are some tips to get noticed:

+ Objectives are old fashioned. No one really cares about your objective. The employer is more interested in whether you can fit their objective. Here is an example:

“I am seeking a challenging technical position with upward mobility in a growing and dynamic company where I can utilize my problem solving and analytical skills.” Basically, here’s what this candidate is saying:

He wants a challenging technical role with opportunity to get promoted.
He has problem-solving and analytical skills.

Every employer has seen statements like this. After a while they become monotonous. A lot of people will say they want to be challenged, and “technical” is a pretty broad area. What type of technical skills does he have – programming, networking, electrician, communications, web-site administration? “Analytical skills” is another widely used term. What kind of analysis is he adept at?

Using vague and unspecific terminology does not help the employer to fill the vacancies. They want to know if you meet their objectives, not if they can meet yours. This is the reality today when companies receive hundreds of resumes per position. The best thing you can do is to change your objective statement into a career profile or summary.

+ Show, don’t tell. Be as detailed and specific as you can in your profile. You want to make the statement unique and personal. If you use adjectives and descriptions to describe you, she doesn’t get much from it. Show what kind of worker you are, what kind of experience you have had. This means using examples.

Ask yourself, how can you prove that these descriptive words are true? Try to think of a time when you demonstrated those characteristics. Replace the overused words with examples. Here’s what it might look like: “Experienced in wireless networks full-cycle design, including procurement of hardware and software components for small office to Enterprise level topologies.”

Who would you choose to interview?

+ Accomplishments vs. Job Description. Your position description does not tell everything you do. Your resume needs to tell what you’ve achieved in your job. Imagine how what you have brought to the job differs from how someone else doing the same job might perform.

In order to write an attention-grabbing resume, avoid stale phrases. Use specific examples to demonstrate what you’ve actually done. This way, you’ll have the kind of résumé that will grab the employers attention and make them pick up the phone!