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Resume Passion

Resume Passion

My Bachelor’s degree is in English with a focus in Creative Writing. I love poetry! For me, writing a resume is very similar to writing poetry. Every word is concise and purposeful. It is a challenge to describe someone’s professional experience using very accurate vocabulary. Molding those terms with the keywords and phrases for the industry, the specific targeted position description, and today’s preferred formatting is like crafting a poem. This is my passion!
Having worked with the Federal Government for more than 11 years, and managed the Employment Readiness Program for six years, I have had a lot of experience writing federal resumes! Believe it or not, USAjobs is fun for me! Once you know the secrets of how the process works, it becomes an enjoyable experience. Don’t believe me do you? I guarantee after I share the technicalities with you, you will, at the very least, not feel intimidated by it any longer.
The most important thing you need to know I am passionate about though, is helping. It is my life work to help others. Not only do I intend to offer the best resume to meet your needs, I will also provide excellent customer service to you. Your job search matters to me and I will follow up with you to find out how successful you are. While I can’t guarantee employment, I CAN guarantee support and ongoing feedback, suggestions or criticisms to keep you fresh and competitive. How do I do that? Check out my services for more information.

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I can’t wait to be a part of getting you a new career!

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