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Top 5 Things Recruiters Look for in Potential Candidates

Top 5 Things Recruiters Look for in Potential Candidates

If you’re like most job candidates, you have submitted scores of job applications, sent in hundreds of resumes, and emailed or messaged many a recruiter. After a while, you start to feel frustrated when you receive zip, zero, nada response to anything you’ve done. You may experience depression or a dip in self confidence. Well, cheer up, here are some insights into the minds of the recruiters reviewing your resume. That’s right, almost 300 recruiters were surveyed and we have their responses to share with you right here!

1) Are You Social Media Savvy?
Let’s face it, if you aren’t in control of your social media presence by now, you have seriously missed the boat. You had better believe that recruiters are going to look for you on LinkedIn and they are definitely going to “Google” your name to see what might pop up. Knowing this, it’s in your best interest to have a LinkedIn profile that is very professional and complete.

2) Do You Speak ATS?
In the same way you need to understand ATS in order to target your resume, you will also need to target your LinkedIn profile and activity so that you will show up in a search a recruiter may run. They often perform keyword searches to identify potential candidates from LinkedIn. Make sure you have all of the relevant terms throughout your profile, and your resume.

3) Is Your Resume Clear and Concise?
Recruiters do not have a lot of time to weed through stacks of resumes. Therefore you need to have yours easy to read with all of the top information on the first 1/3 of the first page. You’ve heard it before, but it’s no joke. Everyone is pressed for time and recruiters are no different. You have to get all of that relevant language in to pass ATS, but then you must stand out from your peers by using concise and relevant accomplishments.

4) Have You Said All You Can Say?
While we have all been told to keep our resumes to one or two pages, it turns out extending your resume to include all of your relevant skills, even if that means going beyond the sacred two-page mark, may actually increase your chances of being referred for a job. That’s right! A longer resume just might be more likely make it through the ATS than the shorter one. Even though recruiters prefer to read shorter resumes because they are pressed for time, they will read whatever makes it through the ATS, even if it’s a tad long-winded.

5) Did You Read the Instructions?
The top reason why applicants don’t get further attention from recruiters is because they do not follow directions. Make sure you have read and followed all of the instructions. While it sounds crazy, many applicants do not follow simple directions and therefore are automatically no longer considered. This is just a ridiculous reason to lose out on an opportunity.

Other tips include showing up to the interview on time, calling when you say you will call, and during an phone interview…DO NOT FIDDLE WITH YOUR PHONE! Let’s just say a little common sense goes a long way when interviewing for a position.