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2015 Federal Resume Applicants

2015 Federal Resume Applicants

Whether you are applying for your first Federal job, have filled out Federal applications in the past, or looking to leave the private sector it is worthwhile becoming familiar with the 2015 Federal resume format prior to filling it out. Patience is key and taking time to understand the requirements of each section is crucial. The 2015 Federal resume format is pretty straightforward, however, it may require more information than you are use to if you are coming from the private sector. Essentially the 2015 Federal resume format asks for a lot of information. Requirement and guidelines for the Federal resume will be agency specific and it is imperative to read and understand those requirements and guidelines before completing your application. Finally, some of your information from your private sector resume, like work history, can be used in your Federal resume. However, use caution when trying to integrate old resume information and be sure to provide all information required.

The Basics

If you look at the Federal resume format you will notice they resemble a functional resume. This is most obvious with the Knowledge Skills and Abilities section – also known as the KSAs. It is imperative to list all your KSAs. Do not make the mistake of leaving out some of the more obvious everyday skills and activities that may relate to the job; include everything. Also be sure to include all information related to statutory licenses, or other required certifications, including date of issue and period of currency.

Quality Control and KSAs

Be systematic when writing a Federal government resume. After thoroughly reading the job description and application guidelines complete one section at a time. Take special note of the specific required KSAs and also be aware of any natural requirements of the position. Use caution when completing the KSA and be sure your KSAs are a good match with the job description and your work history. In other words, do not report KSAs unless you have work history that can support your claim. Keywords will be shown in the job advertisement and position description and the application guidelines may indicate if you should use those words or may suggest you use other terminology. Essentially, you must report the required core skills to the best of your ability. Last but not least, make sure your resume is easy to read, without typos, and take care to check each section before submitting.

Need Help?

Many people struggle with their first application because the Federal resume format is so different. Expert resume writers can save you a lot of time and trouble, as well as the chance of making mistakes. Professional resume writers can assist with organizing your information and assembling your resume into a clear and comprehensive marketing tool that meets Federal format requirements. In addition to getting valuable assistance, you will have a much better chance of success.